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    Follow these steps to use chat effectively:

    1. Type your message or question in the chat input field and click Send to send it.
    2. Engage in a back-and-forth conversation with the chatbot. Feel free to ask any questions or seek assistance on various topics.
    3. You can also expect immediate responses and dynamic interactions during your chat session.
    4. Once you're done with the chat session, simply close the chat window.

    This In-House License is specifically designed for uses internal to Inteligenesis. It allows unlimited message exchanges across all Inteligenesis-owned systems. License: 14550a6a744f581cd00c666e5a489a1c

    Our chatbots are designed with state-of-the-art AI technology capable of natural language understanding, sentiment analysis, and more. This allows them to serve multiple roles such as a confidant, advisor, and assistant.

    Our chatbots learn and "get smarter" with every interaction.

    Despite their advanced capabilities, the chatbots are not a replacement for professional services in medical, legal, or financial sectors.

    Please note that Inteligenesis is not available for use in certain countries, including Russia, China, India, Brazil, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, Vietnam, and South Korea.

    Ensure that geolocation is enabled in your browser to accept the terms of service and create a bot, as this is a mandatory requirement.

    The response time of the AI may vary based on the complexity of the conversation and server demand. Longer processing times can occur when handling a significant amount of data or during periods of high demand.

    Most errors are related to rate limiting and policy violations. If you encounter an error, kindly reduce the frequency of your requests and try again later. There's no need to report errors, as they are automatically logged and assessed to enhance the service.

    If you encounter issues, consider clearing your browser cache and cookies, or starting a new session in 'incognito mode.' These steps often resolve most problems.

    Keep in mind that building a chatbot is an ongoing process that may require fine-tuning and updates over time to enhance its conversational capabilities and provide a superior user experience.

    OpenAI's policies govern our chatbots. We strictly prohibit any form of sexual, violent, or illegal activities.

    By using this service, you agree to comply with OpenAI's policies. Failure to do so may result in the termination of your service.

    We reserve the right to revoke your service if you violate these Terms and Conditions or any other rules we set forth.

    No refunds will be issued for any payments made for the service, regardless of whether the service has been revoked due to violations.

    We may share your data with third-party services for analytics and improvement of our services.

    All conversations are logged for monitoring and quality assurance purposes. Your usage data may also be stored and analyzed for the betterment of the service.


    No Guarantee of Accuracy: We do not guarantee the accuracy of any information provided by the chatbots.

    Availability: We do not guarantee the continuous availability of the service and are not responsible for any interruptions.


    Free support for inteligenesis AI products is available using our chatbot Shamus.


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